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For over 12 years I have been paying top dollar for luxury and collectible wristwatches. Please call me to discuss your watch and if possible we can determine an estimated value over the phone. The next step would be a visual inspection at which time I can either travel to see the watch or you could ship it to me and I will supply you with a shipping label that will fully insure the watch.

Once we agree upon the price I will send you a check overnight or if you prefer I will wire transfer the funds the same day.

For me information, please call me at (603) 502-9948 or contact me using the form below.


Another option would be to consign your watch. This could get you more money for your watch but may require more time that it takes to sell your luxury watch before realizing any money. For me to purchase your watch I have to outlay the funds immediately and not knowing how long I will have to hold it in inventory. To do this I factor this in when I buy any watch.

By consigning the watch I will charge a flat fee of 10% on watches and up to $20,000 and 5% on any watch over $20,000. This is in comparison to the auction houses which have a 10% sellers fee and a 25% buyers fee. This is a significant savings to the seller.

For this fee I will clean the watch, take pictures, write up a description and actively market it on the internet and the many watch shows I attend.

For me information, please call me at (603) 502-9948 or contact me using the form below.


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